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Simulation Test Study on Similar Materials of Fully Mechanized Mining Face Overlying Strata

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.05


Huang Xuchao

Corresponding Author

Huang Xuchao


Influenced by multiple factors such as coal seam dip angle and geological structure, the overburden structure of large dip angle coal seam mining is a complex, dynamic and nonlinear space problem. In this paper, the large-scale overlying strata structure of the large inclined coal seam stope is taken as the research object. Through the similar material simulation method, the law of overburden migration is studied. It is concluded that there is a large and small period of pressure on the working face, and the top plate is pressed for the first time. It is not the most intense; with the advancement of the working surface, the bedrock layer first appears to be separated from the layer, and then falls again. There is no linear relationship between the height of the fallen layer and the height of the separation layer and the advancement distance of the working surface, but a step-like ascending curve. The results obtained can be used as the basis for field measurement research and data method analysis design research.


Large dip angle, Overburden, Similar simulation