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Experiment study on extraction technology of coalbed methane surface well in Jincheng mining area

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.01


Wang Ran

Corresponding Author

Wang Ran


In order to verify the applicability of surface well optimization design and safe extraction technology in Jincheng mining area, the extraction test of CBM surface well in mining area was carried out in W2301 working face of Sihe coal mine, Jincheng city. According to the geological characteristics of Sihe Coal Mine, the shaft structure of the test well was optimized and 70-day extraction test was carried out, the maximum extraction capacity can reach 9 m3 /min. This experiment also analyzed the influence of surface well extraction on the ventilation concentration of working face and the change of extraction concentration with the advance of working face.


Ground well, Coal bed methane extraction, Mining-affected area