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Research on the Innovation of Multicultural Education Mode in China’s Universities in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.198


Li Qi

Corresponding Author

Li Qi


Nowadays, China’s higher education reform has stepped into a critical stage. Under this context, the concepts of quality-oriented education and humanistic education are proposed. Quality-oriented education and humanistic education are both the direction of the future development of higher education and the foothold of reform. At present, many domestic experts have proposed that the goal of university education in China should be based on improving students’ comprehensive quality. In the new era, China’s higher education should be developed in a diversified manner. Teachers should formulate scientific and operational teaching tasks and plans on the basis of fully understanding the needs of students. In this study, the author mainly discusses the innovative ideas of diversified education methods in colleges and universities in China, and strives to make breakthroughs in theoretical research, thereby contributing to the benign development of multicultural education.


New Era, University Education, Multicultural, Research Situation