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A Simulation Study On The Assembly Of An Integrated Transmission Device Of An Armored Vehicle Based On DELMIA

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.190


Yi Yao, Zhigang Tian, Wen Cao

Corresponding Author

Yi Yao


The traditional vehicle assembly adopts the two-dimensional design method, and many problems can not be verified in the design stage, resulting in a long manufacturing cycle and cost waste. Application of digital assembly process simulation based on DELMIA, of a certain type of armored vehicle integrated transmission of 3 d assembly process simulation, so in preparation for the process can timely found existing in the assembly process of all kinds of problem such as space, structural, and structure of assembly model, assembly path, assembly sequence, such as modification and optimization, effectively shorten the development cycle and cost of the vehicle.


Integrated gearing, ELMIA, irtual assembly, rocess simulation ,ptimize.