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The Trade Effects of Free Trade Agreement between China and Costa Rica

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.187


Yan Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Li


From the perspective of China, using the combination of theoretical analysis and empirical analysis, the trade effects of China-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement(CCRFTA) were analyzed from panel data of China and Costa Rica in 2002-2016 and 133 other countries in the world. On the basis of the Gravity Model of Trade, the empirical analysis was carried out, The import and export effect of the FTA was analyzed. The empirical results show that CCRFTA were promoted the import and export between China and Costa Rica. The establishment of the CCRFTA not only promoted China's imports to Costa Rica, but also increased China's exports from Costa Rica, and the export effect was better than the import effect.


CCRFTA,Trade Effect,Gravity Model of Trade