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Analysis of the National Natural Science Foundation of Three Provinces in Northeast China in 2017

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.184


Le Wang, Wanliang Dai, Yanlong Jin

Corresponding Author

Yanlong Jin


The three northeastern provinces of China are important regions and have an important role in scientific research and industrial development. This paper uses annual statistical data from National Natural Science Foundation of China, analyzes seven main types of research programs in three provinces in Northeast China in 2017, it not only analyzes the proportion of the three provinces in the country, but also compares them with developed provinces such as Beijing and Shanghai, and also conducts internal comparisons. The number of projects and the amount of funding are compared together. The result shows that, in 2017, the three northeastern provinces were approved by the NSFC for 2,868 projects, accounting for 7.16% of the country, the sum of the three northeastern provinces is still less than Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu, but similar with Guangdong and Hubei. Within the three eastern provinces, Liaoning has the best performance, with Heilongjiang being in the middle and Jilin being relatively poor. NSFC should increase investment in the three northeastern provinces, expand the scale of Fund for Less Developed Regions, increase the number of approved projects, increase the total amount of funding, and accelerate the development of the three northeastern provinces.


National Natural Science Fund, ainland China, esearch programs, oung scholars, nter-provincial comparison