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Practice and Exploration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Preschool Education Based on the New Normal

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.183


Bo Yan

Corresponding Author

Bo Yan


Strengthening entrepreneurial education for college students and improving their entrepreneurial ability are the new requirements for China's economic development to enter a new normal. Strengthening college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education under the new normal is the new requirement of economic and social development for higher normal education, and it is also a new requirement for teachers' own growth and talents. This article is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education Teachers preschool institutions of higher learning, should be combined with their own reality, to develop practical innovation and entrepreneurship education plan, explore conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship education platform for students to build multi-level college students innovation and entrepreneurship education system in order to stimulate student interest and potential, develop more innovative entrepreneurial talent for the country and society.


Preschool education, nnovation and entrepreneurship, ducation