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Research on Competitive Strategy of Commercial Banks under the Background of Internet Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.177


Xiaoxi Zheng

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxi Zheng


The internet brings much convenience to the development of financial industry and enhances financial operation efficiency. By aid of network technology, the financial industry can realize independent operation. In order to adapt to the current network environment, commercial banks have generally provided online bank services for customers, which attracts customers largely. The internet brings convenience to financial development, however, it also impacts commercial banks largely, which causes some negative influences and will certainly affect the operation efficiency of commercial banks. Therefore, commercial banks should formulate feasible competitive strategy to realize better operation, enhance industrial competition, achieve sustainable and stable development. This paper conducts research on competitive strategy of commercial banks under the background of internet finance.


Interne, Finance, Commercial banks, Competitive strategy