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The Practical Logic and Construction of Ideological and Political Education under the Social Principle Contradiction Transformation Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.176


He Wenhua

Corresponding Author

He Wenhua


The social principle contradiction transformation is the distinct mark of the new Era in our country. The contradiction between the increasing of the necessities of people and the unbalanced and insufficient development determines the final target and direction of the great cause of the Chinese characteristics in the new Era. To a particle level, we must fully understand the objective importance to guide people for a ever-going demand for better. This requires our way from the contents of the education, the education innovation, education network integration, education evaluation change, etc., actively explore the formation of a set of effective education mechanism.This is a new era system to promote the comprehensive innovation of ideological and political education.


Principle Contradiction Transformation, Ideological and Political Education, Practice