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Standardized Development and Path of the Xinjiang Corps Cooperative

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.088


Jia Hongbo, Wang Pengcheng

Corresponding Author

Jia Hongbo


Today, with the rapid development of social economy in our country, the rise of professional cooperatives has a very significant meaning for the marketization of agricultural products. The Corps is an important part of the agricultural development of Xinjiang, and the standardization of professional cooperatives is very important to promote the development of Corps agriculture. However, the development of Xinjiang Corps professional cooperatives is in the primary stage, so there are still many problems in the development process of cooperatives, and the farmers' knowledge level are not high, causing the lack of cooperation awareness, most farmers just have the mutual beneficial cooperation of blood and geography, this ancient sense of cooperation is very backward and lacks the modern concept of equal cooperation. Nowadays, the modern concept of equal cooperation embodies the good interaction value demand among the main bodies of the development of farmers, as well as the good ideas of commercialization of mutual benefit and win-win and complying with the rules and honesty and trustworthy . The thought breaks the antiquate thought directly, creating the precondition of standardized development for Farmer Professional Cooperatives. This paper discusses the standardized development and path of farmer's professional cooperatives, and puts forward some measures to solve the problems in the cooperative and enhance the standardized development of farmer's professional cooperatives.


Xinjiang Corps, Cooperatives, Standardization, Development Path.