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The Impact of China-US Goods Trade Fluctuations in the View of GVC

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.171


Tianying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tianying Zhang


With the rapid growth of China's total economic output and the unceasing deepening of opening to the outside world, The impact of goods trade fluctuations between the United States on China's economy development has become increasingly significant. It is significant for China’s economy development that we make comprehensive and dialectical analysis of the influence and take reasonable measures. In order to solve this problem, firstly, this paper make qualitative research on the economic correlation between the United States and China. Secondly, this paper uses the comparative analysis method and the historical analysis method to make qualitative analysis of the trade transit path, using data of the goods trade between China and the United States. This paper draws the following conclusions based on the analysis: The goods trade between China and the United States are important transit path. Chinese government should take positive and rational response. Finally, on the basis of the above analysis and conclusion, this paper puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for Chinese government.


The goods trade, fluctuations, “One Belt One Road”, The United States, China