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Research on the Construction of Online and Offline Hybrid Individualized Teaching Model in Volleyball Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.165


Jingtao Ren

Corresponding Author

Jingtao Ren


At present, the new teaching mode of Internet combined education has become the demand of both the teaching and learning in the new era. The teaching of volleyball courses must break through the shackles of traditional teaching mode, fully utilize the online and offline mixed teaching, and highlight the characteristics of students' individualized learning. Based on the analysis of the current volleyball course teaching problems, this paper improves the overall design of the teaching model, excavates and produces online teaching resources, conducts self-study before class, and summarizes students' technical learning effects and individualized characteristics. To realize the online personalized learning feedback, adjust the design and organization of offline teaching, and pay attention to the two-way process evaluation of students, and make a detailed analysis of the realization of the teaching mode.


Volleyball Course Online and Offline Hybrid Personalized Teaching Construction