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Public Kindergarten Management Reform—Taking a Public Kindergarten as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.161


Luo Li, Junjun Song

Corresponding Author

Luo Li


From the current situation of Chinese education, the growing school selection fever (including the pre-school education and education stage) is an indisputable fact. This stems from the scarcity and unevenness of China's quality education resources. In addition, China's population base is large, which has led to the failure to fully guarantee the development of preschool education in the backward rural areas of China's central and western regions. C County of Dazhou City plans to pay special attention to the balanced development of urban and rural areas in the development of preschool education. “Focus on rural kindergartens, pay attention to weak kindergartens, and let children reach high-quality kindergartens at home” has become the goal of the reform plan. The program puts "important avoidance of resources in a small number of kindergartens, resulting in a situation in which a few kindergartens are hard to find and the social response is fierce".


Reform balanced urban and rural development quality kindergartens improved efficiency