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Discussion on the Training Mode of Excellent Engineers in Conditions with Industry University Research Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.155


Pei Yang

Corresponding Author

Pei Yang


For solving problems such as dislocation of talent training objectives and social demands, the difficulties of developing China's "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program", this paper aims to establish a training system for engineering and technical personnel in research oriented university in conditions with engineering practice training, and discusses some problems related to the "Education and Training Program for Excellent Engineers" with cooperation between industry, university and research. Next, this paper mainly describes how to make full use of the existing enterprise resources of university, how to construct a talent cultivation scheme in conditions with industry, university and research cooperation, and how to strengthen practice training through combining the first and second classes closely. At last, some methods to reform the talent cultivation mode, enhance students' engineering accomplishment, practical ability, innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness are proposed, these methods will help to find a practical and feasible way to train engineering and technical personnel during conditions of industry and enterprises’ deeply involving in the training process.


Excellence program, Industry university research cooperation, Personnel training mode, Engineering and technical personnel, Improving students' ability