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College Students' Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education under the Background of Economic Development Mode Transformation

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.152


Yuan Ping

Corresponding Author

Yuan Ping


Innovative education is the requirement of the development of the times, conforms to the characteristics of the times, and is the mainstream educational thought. Innovative education is a teaching concept and teaching model. It adapts to the needs of China's economic and social development and is in line with China's educational development goals. It aims to cultivate students' innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability. It is a new educational concept and practice of teaching reform. It is the trend and trend of education innovation today. China's education syllabus clearly states that innovation education should be placed in a prominent position, and innovative talents should be used to train high-quality talents in the new era, serve the practice of socialist construction in China, and promote scientific and technological progress and improve China's overall science and technology innovation level. This paper studies the theoretical issues of innovative education in the context of the transformation of economic development model, the status quo of innovation education in colleges and universities, existing problems and deep-seated reasons; how innovative education can promote its own development by means of regional resources; the countermeasures for the implementation of innovative education in colleges and universities under the background of economic transformation.


Transforming the mode of economic development colleges and universities innovation and entrepreneurship solutions