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The Design and Research of Theoretical Experiment Evaluation and System Based on Higher Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.086


Shuhua Bai, Suling Li, Haidong Yang

Corresponding Author

Shuhua Bai


In recent years, the development of institutions of higher learning has been very rapid, the laboratory construction funds have been large and the laboratory hardware facilities have been significantly improved. How to evaluate for the benefit of the people, how to give full play to the laboratory in talents cultivation, scientific research and social service function, further enhance the vitality of the laboratory, optimizing the allocation of resources, realize the resource sharing, improve the quality of experiment teaching and scientific research level, effectively raise the quality of laboratory teaching and become the important research topic in the college lab and equipment management. It is of great significance to improve the experimental innovation and evaluation of universities and to realize the goal of talents training in colleges and universities.


College, Theoretical Experiment Evaluation, Innovation System.