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Research on E-commerce Entrepreneurship Environment in Wuhan

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.148


Guijin Mao, Sheng Cao, Zhipeng Wu

Corresponding Author

Sheng Cao


This thesis analyzes the environment of e-commerce in Wuhan from four aspects: the analysis of Wuhan's policy environment, the economic environment of Wuhan, the social and cultural environment of Wuhan, and the geographical environment of Wuhan, and establish an intuitive understanding of the environmental analysis model of the creation of the electronic commerce in Wuhan, and find out the model from the model. The shortcomings of e-commerce environment in Wuhan city are found, and Countermeasures to solve the deficiencies are found to promote the rapid development of e-commerce in Wuhan.


Entrepreneurship entrepreneurial environment, -commerce, uhan