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Analysis of Development Strategy Based on Socialist Market Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.144


Jing Xuan, Zikun Zhou, Jingjing Zhang, Zongyuan Tan

Corresponding Author

Jing Xuan


Since the 18th national congress of Communist Party of China (CPC), president Xi Jin-Ping stands on the starting point of the new era, who has absorbed the essence of people-based thought from China and foreign countries under the environment of market economy. At the same time, his rich experience in growth has inspired feelings of people and he has inherited the thought of subjective view of people on forerunner of Marxism, end so on. The above is viewed as the prerequisites and basis to form the development thought with the center of people. His thought has abundant theory connotation and value, which is of great historical significance for the theory of Marxism, communist party in power and great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


Market economy, arxism , velopment