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Dialectical Treatment and Health Education of Rheumatism by Chinese Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.143


Zipeng Zhou, Fuzeng Zheng, Qingliang Meng

Corresponding Author

Zipeng Zhou


Postpartum rheumatism in postpartum, especially puerperium high incidence, is a common practice in clinical practice. Postpartum rheumatism manifested as joint and systemic symptoms, feelings of different evils or etiology of the symptoms are different. Modern medicine on this lack of knowledge, Chinese medicine treatment of postpartum rheumatism has a unique advantage, a variety of postpartum rheumatoid symptoms, clinical syndrome complex. This article through the clinical practice of Chinese medicine experts on the postpartum rheumatism of the discussion, from the clinical manifestations, pathogenesis and TCM differentiation, Chinese medicine treatment and other aspects of postpartum rheumatism research and further study to provide ideas for further improvement in clinical practice Lay the foundation for the efficacy of postpartum rheumatism.


Postpartum rheumatism, Education,Chinese medicine treatment, clinical treatment