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On the Function of College Students’ Entrepreneurship Base and The Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.138


Renqiang Wang, Dawei Chen, Jingdong Li, Longsheng Wang, Yue Zhao, Hua Deng

Corresponding Author

Renqiang Wang


After experiencing the study of scientific and cultural knowledge, cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship, and independently developing and promoting the project, college students will still encounter such problems and troubles on this entrepreneurship road full of thorny. The innovation and entrepreneurship incubation in colleges and universities is the basic function of all science and technology parks. Therefore, the business incubator service for the college students' entrepreneurial park must be more specific and in-depth. This paper takes the university incubating garden base as the theme, and puts forward that college students need more attention and support for innovation and entrepreneurship. It is proposed that in the path of innovation and entrepreneurship for undergraduates, schools should adhere to the principle that teaching theory should be closely linked with time, in-depth exploration, and active follow-up guidance. Hope to help college students move toward innovation and entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurial base,Innovation and entrepreneurship,Talent quality,Education