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Research on Regional Policies for SMEs' Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.136


Tian Gan

Corresponding Author

Tian Gan


Under the background of accelerating globalization, the advent of the era of knowledge economy, and the concept of sustainable development in the global context , the development of the world economy has become increasingly regionalized. Elements of global resources and the division of rapid changes at different levels, and more and more concentration in the region competitive. In response to this phenomenon, the current academic study of regional economic competitiveness are mostly deployed from the macro point of research, and has achieved many of the conclusions; people also come to realize that these macro research and conclusions, although very necessary, but not sufficient. Micro level to study the regional economic development and competitiveness, at least as important from a macro-level study and, even more important, because the micro-level forms the basis of regional competitiveness at national, provincial, city, etc. From the level of regional economic growth, analyzes the status and role of SMEs in regional economic development and structural adjustment. Regional innovation environment for SMEs were Xitongfenxi, and build a set of regional innovation research environment for SMEs in China.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regional Economy, Regional Innovation