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Research on Basic Logic and Strategy of Industrial Technology Innovation Based on Technological Orbit

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.134


Ningning Yan

Corresponding Author

Ningning Yan


Technological track can effectively promote the effective integration of technology and economy, judge the development direction and trend of technological innovation, and help industries catch up. Starting from the technological innovation of the technological track, the industry can carry out innovation activities more reasonably and improve the success rate of innovation. This study explores the connotation of technological track from the perspective of technological innovation theory, analyzes the inherent logic and characteristics of technological innovation of industry based on technological track, and finally puts forward the strategy of technological innovation for industry to enter the technological track, that is, to explore the time and way to enter the technological track, and to cultivate and improve the ability of industrial technological innovation. We should establish and improve the industrial technology learning mechanism, and build a technology diffusion system that matches the characteristics of industrial structure.


Industry, technological orbit, technological innovation, technological paradigm, technological innovation