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Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics in the Diversion Region of Herringbone Plate Heat Exchanger

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.132


Shuwei Lv, Zhuojuan Yang, Mei Yang

Corresponding Author

Shuwei Lv


The effect of the geometry of the diversion region of a herringbone plate heat exchanger on the heat transfer performance is studied. Based on incompressible computational fluid dynamics numerical simulation theory a flow path model with a radius R=140 mm, an inclination angle =30°, and a spacing h=20 mm herringbone plate heat exchanger in the diversion zone and the heat exchange zone was designed. The numerical simulation software FLUENT was used to complete the entrance. The flow velocity characteristic data of 0.5 m/s, temperature of 350 K, outlet pressure of 101,325 Pa and reflow temperature of 300 K were calculated and analyzed. The results show that the average wall heat flux is 49.5 J, the average wall temperature is 339.6 W, the average fluid temperature is 339.5 W, and the average fluid velocity is 1.74 m/s. Through data compilation and calculation, the evaluation of heat transfer parameters is 131.22, and the evaluation of pressure drop parameters is 194,788 pa, which provides some basis for the design and optimization of herringbone plates.


Herringbone plate heat exchanger diversion area ,Plate geometry parameters ,Heat transfer performance, FLUENT