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On the Sustainable Endogenous Growth of China's Small Towns

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.130


Xiumei Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xiumei Zhu


In recent years, with the development of social economy and the support of relevant Chinese policies, China’s small towns are witnessing changes with each passing day. However, it is obviously unreasonable to take economic development as the only indicator to measure the small towns’ development levels. Under the grand background of market logic and utilitarianism, it is very likely that the development of small towns would appear a formalized tendency, and the key factor of sustainable development—endogenous growth is often neglected. Due to the lack of inheritance and innovation of traditional resources, small towns are void of their own "characteristics", and their prospects for sustainable development are worrying. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply explore the dynamic mechanism for the development of small towns and conduct research and analysis on the internal and external sources of the development to seek the path of healthy and harmonious growth for small towns.


Sustainable Development, Endogenous Growth, Small Towns’ Construction, Soft Resource