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The Research and Practice ofApplication-oriented Talent Cultivation Adapted For Construction of Modern Agriculture Industrial System in Newly-built Agriculture Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.125


Lijuan Ma, Peilin Yang

Corresponding Author

Lijuan Ma


In order to meet the needs of the construction of modern agricultural industry system, production system and management system in China, the new agricultural undergraduate colleges and universities should make corresponding adjustments in the aspects of school orientation, professional structure adjustment, innovation of talent cultivation mode, teaching staff construction and social service mode. Taking Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University as an example, this paper makes a systematic study and practice on the above problems which effectively promotes the speciality-industry cohesion, the teaching process docking production process, the teaching content docking production content. The school has won one second prize for national teaching achievements and three first prizes for provincial teaching achievements.


Modern agricultural industrial system, newly-built agricultural undergraduate colleges, application-oriented talent cultivation