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Study on Multi Culture and Urban Development of Yulin City

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.123


Xinzhuo Jiang, Jiang Liu

Corresponding Author

Xinzhuo Jiang


This study takes Yulin's multi-culture and urban development as research breakthrough point, and forms a literature review after combing related theories through literature research. The study of Yulin’s multicultural and city development is not only a general theoretical significance of cultural studies, in practice, is also the concern and exploration for the economic, social and culture development in Yulin. It makes the development and prosperity of Yulin culture in the new era become an internal confidence and self-consciousness, and provides theoretical support and intellectual support for the strategic goal of Yulin's construction of China's economic strong city, western cultural city and ecological famous city beyond the Great Wall.


Yulin, multi-culture, Urban development