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Research on Factors to Influence Customer Loyalty of Aksu Rural Commercial Bank

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.083


Yan Qin, Zhu Xiaoling

Corresponding Author

Yan Qin


Since the reform and opening up, the banks in China have been open in the round. The competition between banks is becoming increasingly fierce and the phenomenon of homogeneous bank products is exacerbating, which makes the influence on the low customer loyalty of the banks during the process of customer management. In this regard, the banks shall address the problems about how to retain the customers who are less loyal. Compared with the other four major banks, it is particularly important for Aksu Rural Commercial Bank, as the local bank in Aksu, to improve the customer loyalty. Therefore, the paper makes an analysis on the factors affecting the customer loyalty of Aksu Rural Commercial Bank and puts forward the countermeasures to strengthen the client loyalty to Rural Commercial Bank.


Aksu Rural Commercial Bank, Loyalty, Influencing Factors.