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A Study on Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Movie Posters

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.116


Hu Huafang

Corresponding Author

Hu Huafang


Movie posters, which belong to a multimodal discourse with rich connotation and unique images and texts, often use multiple social symbol resources such as images, words and colors to coordinate and co-construct discourse meaning. This kind of discourse is direct and clear, and has strong visual impact which can quickly convey information to the audience, attract the attention of the audience, arouse the desire to watch and realize the best persuasion function. This paper uses the theory of multi-modal discourse analysis and takes the movie poster Braveheart as an example to explore how different symbol modes, such as images, words and colors, can cooperate, complement and reinforce each other, so as to successfully complete the construction of interactive significance with the audience.


Multimodal Discourse analysis, Interactive Meaning, Poster of Braveheart