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Research on the teaching strategy of foreign Chinese reading based on the characteristics of international school students

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.082


Zhang Lan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Lan


With respect to teaching Chinese as a foreign language, reading class is considered to be a skill training class. Among the whole teaching progress, intermediate reading plays an important role in connecting other teaching courses. Reading has a positive effect on foreign students, and it not only helps students consolidate knowledge which they have learned, but also helps to understand the Chinese culture. Having reading ability can help learners improve their communication competence. Most research objects in teaching Chinese Intermediate Reading are about the students from countries with different native language. The writer finds that for students who speak the same native language, they would have the same habit of learning which influenced by their cognitive features. If the teachers know about these cognitive features, they can take appropriate teaching strategies for the students to help them understand easily. Therefore, the paper is about summarizing the cognitive features of English-speaking students by contrasting the differences of cognitive features between Chinese and English. Then, through the methods of literature research, find the existing teaching insufficiency of Intermediate Reading. For instance, in teaching class, teachers ignore the dominant role of students and reading skills and cultural knowledge are not enough in teaching. For students, they have limited vocabulary and so on. Based on the cognitive features of the students in English-speaking countries and the insufficiency of Intermediate Reading, make some teaching strategies of Chinese Intermediate Reading from vocabulary, sentence and the whole passage.


International School Students, Languages (Chinese), Education, International courses.