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Optimization on Virtualization Network Laboratory Construction Security

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.05


Jun Lyn

Corresponding Author

Jun Lyn


With Virtualization closed based planning in a single hardware environment for people to practice environment, in order to provide a can let students use at the same time and variety in the practical environment with limited hardware resource. Through the construction requirements of the laboratory and the characteristics of students' use, the problems of the traditional entity network safety laboratory are summarized and solved, and the feasibility of building the virtual laboratory is put forward. The development of the virtual laboratory in this way, in addition to allow students to have more than one network experimental environment and independent selectivity, can also be centralized management and automatic deployment of learning environment in the management, but also can solve the lack of experimental equipment space created by the laboratory for studying the problem of insufficient capacity. Finally, the conclusion that using virtual laboratory can effectively improve the teaching effectiveness of information security and network management is concluded.


Virtualization, network lab, virtual experiment environment, remote practice.