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The Styles and Features of the Nuo Dancing-Culture in Linchuan

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.111


Shaobo Deng

Corresponding Author

Shaobo Deng


The styles and features of the Nuo Dancing-culture in Linchuan show its connotation from three aspects. First, the primitive form of the ancient festival to drive away the devil causing any plague, its mythoi still contain the ancient sacrifice of driving away disease and ghost; Second, merging the forms of celebrating religious festivals and enjoying people in the village theatrical performance during Ming-Qing Dynasty, this merging is manifested that many Nuo-faces are saturated with god-men or are god-men themselves; Third, implying the cultural theme of traditional imperial examinations. That is, the literature education thought implied in the jolly atmosphere, demonstrates the most unique connotation of Nuo dancing-culture in Linchuan.


Linchuan Culture, Nuo Dancing-culture, Styles, Features