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Inspiration of British PF2 to the Development Direction of Chinese Current PPP Project

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.099


Xiaoyu Zhang, Qian Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Zhang


In recent years, cooperation between government and social capital (PPP) model has been gradually popularized in China. Without a doubt, PPP has played a positive role in the sustainable development of economy. However, since 2018, China PPP project audit and loan policy has entered a new phase of reform and waiting. It mainly because of the numerous risks that PPP projects have taken place in China for these years and the problem that in some PPP projects, the capital utilization is lower than the expectation. By expounding the problems existing in PPP projects in China at present, and summarizing the development and reform of PPP projects in Britain in recent years, this paper draws some ideas for the rectification and reform of PPP projects in China in the future, and gives the development direction of PPP projects in China. These can be a useful reference for solving some Chinese PPP problems.


PPP, PFI, PF2, public-private partnerships, social capital