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The Research on Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents’ Training Mode in Colleges and Universities—With Wuhan Donghu University as a Case

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.096


Li Li, Zhenyan Hu, Shanshan Hu, Xiaojie Wang, Lingyun Fu, Yaqi Huang

Corresponding Author

Zhenyan Hu


Taking Wuhan Donghu University as an example, this paper studies the training mode of innovative entrepreneurship talents in Colleges and universities from several aspects, such as ability objectives, curriculum system, practical activities and safeguards. By interviewing the successful entrepreneurship students of Wuhan Donghu University, this paper further analyses the process of entrepreneurship training from the perspective of students, and verifies the innovative entrepreneurship training mode, which can provide reference for other colleges and universities.


Colleges and universities, innovation and entrepreneurship, talent training mode, training mode of talents, ability goal, course system