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Research and Practice of "Double Creation" Talents Training for Civil Engineering Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.085


Chen Shuzhen, Ji Min, Jiang Bolin

Corresponding Author

Ji Min


At present, the construction of innovative countries requires double-creation civil engineering talents. The rapid development of social transformation and science and technology requires “double-creation” civil engineering talents. Comprehensively reforming and practicing the training mode, course system, teaching content and teaching methods for civil engineering majors, and it’ cultivate the “double-creation type” civil engineering major that meets the needs of China’s modernization construction in the new century with innovative spirit, entrepreneurial spirit, and practical ability. But at present the education and teaching reform of civil engineering is also facing the urgent task of employment and personnel training. Therefore, this paper takes the training of students' innovation and entrepreneurship and engineering practice as the core, conducts research on the reform and practice of practical teaching systems for civil engineering majors, and proposes the concept of “double-creation” talents training for civil engineering majors, and builds innovative ability. It aims to build the knowledge quality structure and the teaching quality assurance system of the curriculum system.


Double Creation, Talent Cultivation, Civil Engineering