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Analysis of the New Characteristics of Online and Offline Personalized Teaching Mode——Based on the Study of Teaching and Learning in Public Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.082


Jingtao Ren

Corresponding Author

Jingtao Ren


The teaching of public physical education plays an important role in improving the physical quality of college students. However, the current teaching quality has a downward trend, and there are also many contradictions. This paper analyzes the publicity of the university from the four aspects of the low achievement of the teaching objectives of the skill-oriented sports, the difference of the individualized learning ability of the students, the inability of the teaching methods to adapt to the individualized needs of the students in the new era, and the simplification of the feedback channels of teaching and learning problems. The main contradiction between teaching and learning in physical education. Based on this problem, research and analysis on the new characteristics of online and offline personalized teaching mode.


Online and Offline, Personalized Teaching, New Features , Public Physical Education, Teaching And Learning Issues