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Research on the Quality Assurance Mechanism of American High-level Private Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.078


Bo Lu

Corresponding Author

Bo Lu


In order to learn from the useful practices of high-level private universities in the United States to guarantee the quality of teaching, literature research and comparative research methods were used to explore the teaching quality guarantee mechanism of Ivy League schools. The study found that Ivy League is a typical world-class high-level private university. The reason why the League School can lead the development of higher education in the world is because the League School has always attached great importance to the quality of teaching and cultivated the ability to learn and be innovative. High quality talent. Research conclusions: The effective methods for maintaining the high quality of teaching quality in Ivy League schools are: high-quality student source selection mechanism, high-level teacher aggregation mechanism, flexible and diverse learning mechanism. This conclusion has important enlightenment and reference value for Chinese private universities.


High-level private university, Ivy League school, teaching quality, guarantee mechanism, quality student