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Practical Research on the Cultivation of Talents for Cultural Creative Products in Colleges and Universities Based on the Construction Strategy of Traditional Cultural Inheritance and Development system

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.075


Shuai Yuan

Corresponding Author

Shuai Yuan


the paper is based on the traditional cultural heritage development system construction strategy of the university culture creative product training practice research, finally determine the project of talent fostering and the building mechanism of science, in a creative and innovative as the basic connotation, course teaching and practice activities as the main carrier, an independent, complete creative entrepreneurial talent training system, improve and perfect the talent training scheme, building features innovative and entrepreneurial practice teaching system. At the same time, relevant theoretical and practical results are obtained, which can provide reference for colleges and universities with similar ideas, as well as case reference for talent cultivation.


Traditional culture, talent training, college cultural creation , products