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Research on China-Africa Economic Zone and the Effect on Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.074


Xiaohui Wei

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Wei


As a new phenomenon, the China-Africa economic zone has been studied by some scholars. However, foreign scholars have studied the China-Africa economic zone and incorporated it into the overall framework of China's investment in Africa. There are few researches on targeted research. Chinese scholars mostly use China as a perspective to study the significance. Challenges of China's investment in Africa and the establishment of cooperation zones are not easy to analyze in the trade effects of China-Africa economic zones. It is still blank and this article can just make up for it. It is divided into the following two aspects. The framework divides effects into direct trade effects and indirect trade effects. Among them, the direct trade effect is analyzed from the aspects of export growth and import substitution respectively. The indirect trade effect is studied from the cooperation zone to the host country's technological progress, employment, fiscal revenue, and the two-state system progress. The method has more comprehensively demonstrated the trade effect of the China-Africa economic and trade cooperation zone, as well as the specific operational modes of the economic zones, which operates from the estate and the government.


China-Africa economic zone, trade cooperation, manufacturing industries, the imbalance of investment