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The Thinking of Cultivating Original "We Media" Platforms to Help the Interdisciplinary Talents of Traditional Handshows

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.063


Zhang Jing, Yuan Shuai

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jing


traditional handicraft is not only a kind of culture, but also represents the style of a nation. This paper is a reflection on the cultivation of professional talents who can not only master original we media production, communication and operation, but also have a deep understanding of traditional technology. From the development present situation of traditional crafts in China, since the original media platform to help traditional crafts heritage original since the media development, cultivating talents for the ideas and measures, compound talents facing problems and the train of thought, through the practice research to build a compound talent cultivation system and other aspects are discussed.


Original we media, Traditional handicrafts, Interdisciplinary talents