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Interface Design of Toy Sharing Service System Based on User Interaction

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.062


Hesen Li, Xuying Hu

Corresponding Author

Hesen Li


Based on the user interaction behavior and the current situation of toy use in the market, the paper is to explore how to better to solve the ubiquitous problem concerning toy waste and difficult disposal in the society from the perspective of sharing and toys. Dialectical analysis on current situations concerning the toy market and service and the methods of investigation and interview were taken to analyze a series of problems concerning interaction behaviors between relevant products and users, such as difficulty of selection, excessive amounts of operator interface, relatively low amounts of optional product content, low attraction of product presentation, and so on. The author tried to take the interfaces of service systems as the carries, and present a systematic scheme to solve problems concerning toy waste and user interaction behaviors. The design of the shared toy service system was an attempt based on user interaction behavior as well as effective discussion on solutions to market-available toy-concerned problems, and shows high practical significance and service value. By integrating with the hot topic of “sharing economy” in today’s society and starting from the current situation of services, problems concerning user interaction, such as assisted user selection, operation pages, presentation methods, etc., were deeply explored in the paper to summarize the functions and modes of the service systems and thereby to propose the interfacial design of a shared toy service system.


Industrial design, Interaction design, Interface design, Shared patterns, Toys, Service system