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Research on the Construction and Application of College Smart Classroom Based on Education Informationization

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.060


Yue Wang

Corresponding Author

Yue Wang


Information technology is continuously applied to education and teaching, which promotes the transformation and innovation of a new round of teaching classrooms. With the development of the concept of wisdom education, the construction of smart classrooms under the new technology environment has become a research hotspot that is paying more and more attention. Through the analysis of the connotation and technical characteristics of the smart classroom, according to the influence of the educational informationization on the classroom, this paper attempts to construct a smart classroom teaching model that conforms to the development of the times, and is used to guide the basic course of tourism management, "Introduction to Tourism". The purpose of this study is to explore whether the new teaching model can stimulate students' interest in learning and improve their ability to learn intelligently, also to provide reference for the construction and application of smart classrooms in colleges and universities.


Education informationization, Smart classroom, Teaching mode