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Upgrading Strategy of Media Industry in the Background of Smart City

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.059


Zhang Xiaodong

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xiaodong


In the Internet era, the traditional media itself has been severely impacted by the new foreign media in the era of big data on the Internet. Its own survival and development space has been squeezed, and its core competitiveness has been challenged. How to combine the policy and technology advantages of smart cities and big data centers to improve the competitiveness of the industry and the survival situation of the industry is a dilemma that the traditional media industry in the region is facing. The ability of big data storage and processing brought by big data center brings opportunities and challenges for the development of traditional media industry. Therefore, with the help of the trend of smart city and the wisdom of big data, this study proposes the following strategies to upgrade and develop the media industry.


Media industry, smart city, industry upgrading, big data