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Analysis of the Nordic Fashion Sport Floorball Introduced into College Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.058


Cheng Li

Corresponding Author

Cheng Li


Floorball is not only a new sport, but also a comprehensive group international sport. The development of Floorball in colleges and universities in China is just in its infancy. By using literature review and field visits and training methods, this paper studies the introduction of this new sport into physical education in colleges and universities, focusing on the current high level. The present situation and existing problems of physical education teaching in Colleges and universities, as well as the characteristics of Floorball, are introduced into the university campus for analysis of its sports value and advantages. The teaching reform ideas and some pertinent teaching suggestions of Floorball in colleges and universities are put forward in order to better promote and develop Floorball in colleges and universities. It is expected to provide some practical reference value for Floorball and attract more teachers and students and other groups to participate in this new sport.


Floorball, College physical education, Teaching suggestions