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The Feasibility and Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.054


Ting Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ting Zhang


Cross-border e-commerce has its own advantages. Based on the analysis of advantages, the development process of cross-border e-commerce is summarized, and its future development direction is explored. This reveals the practical application of international trade activities in the e-commerce environment. On this basis, this article further analyzes the feasibility of innovation and entrepreneurship in cross-border e-commerce for students from international trade and related majors in vocational colleges, and proposes to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into the teaching activities in the direction of cross-border e-commerce. The e-commerce venture project promotes the learning of cross-border e-commerce knowledge and the training of skills, and explores the model of entrepreneurship education for cross-border e-commerce. Summarize the feasibility model of cross-border e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship in higher vocational education, and make a model for cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher vocational education.


Talent training, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Cross-border e-commerce