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Research on the Influence of Internet Shopping Festival Atmosphere on Consumers' Shopping Value

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.046


Yang Liu, Wei Zheng, Chunyan Qiu, Xuan Zhang, Yao Ding

Corresponding Author

Chunyan Qiu


Effects of online shopping festival atmosphere for consumers shopping value of great significance for the development of the shopping festival and online shopping platform for business marketing strategy. Based on the SOR theory, this paper divides the online shopping festival atmosphere into external stimuli into four dimensions: economy, entertainment, individuality and visuality, and constructs a research model of the influence of online shopping festival atmosphere on consumers' shopping value. Data were collected through questionnaires, and statistical analysis and hypothesis testing were performed using SPSS and Smart PLS. The study found that the entertainment and visuality of the platform during the online shopping festival significantly affected consumers' arousal; Economic, entertaining and personalization significantly affect consumer preferences; Awakening significantly affects consumers' perception of pleasure while significantly affecting consumer enjoyment and social shopping value; Pleasure affects consumers' functionality, enjoyment and social shopping value.


Online Shopping festival, Shopping festival atmosphere, Shopping value, SOR model