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A Review of the Open Forum for Intelligent Digital Oil Fields in 2018

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.043


Xinjian Qiang, Yajuan Tian, Ye Liu, Guojian Cheng

Corresponding Author

Xinjian Qiang


A new generation of artificial intelligence is booming around the world and is also having a major impact on the world's petroleum and petrochemical industry. This article introduces the main contents of this conference and the new ideas and new viewpoints of scholars and experts through the annual meeting of the 5th Intelligent Digital Oilfield Open Forum in 2018. The purpose is to provide actions for relevant personnel engaged in and focusing on digital oilfield work and research in China. The guidelines of the iDOF forum are to jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of smart digital oil fields.


Informationization, Artificial intelligence, Digital oilfield, Intelligent oilfield