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Analysis of the First Class' s Importance in Course Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.034


Zhongbin Wei, Song Zhao, Lvye Tian

Corresponding Author

Zhongbin Wei


The first class of the new term is known as "the opening class", which is the starting point of each course learning activities. The first class has great influence to adjust the students' learning state, stimulate study interest, promote the effect of the course study, etc. So how to teach it for the first time, build good teaching atmosphere, which is the problem that should be thought and researched to the front line of teaching teachers. For myself, in higher vocational curriculum as an example of the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, around the course orientation and goal, position requirements, curriculum content, resources and the method of literature, learning and assessment methods, etc. In order to attract students attention, improve teaching quality and achieve the teaching goal of the course.


The first class, Course teaching, Learning interest, Importance