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On the Quantitative Exploration of the Narrative Chronotope in Poetic Narrative Texts

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.032


Jun Luo

Corresponding Author

Jun Luo


In the narrative elaboration of the spatial and temporal mechanism of narrative texts, a variety of narrative scholars and narrative theorists have been making an overall analysis of the narrative time and space in novelistic narrative texts while fewest of them have been aware of the combinative interaction between the narrative time and spaces of poetic narrative texts in the form of either mutual promotion or mutual preventon, not to speak of the quantitative exploration of the narrative chronotope in those texts. For the sake of this, this paper will make an exploration of the quantitative demonstration of the narrative chronotope in poetic narrative texts so as to broaden the academic boundaries of poetic narratology grounded on the potentiality that there is likely to be a frequent interaction between the temporal space and the spatial time in poetic narrative texts.


Temporal Space, Spatial Time, Chropotope, Poetic Narrative Texts