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Rotating Electronic Display System based on Persistence of Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.030


Yuan Lingjuan, Liu Hao, Wen Jing, Wang Zixuan, Ren Zhigang

Corresponding Author

Liu Hao


The shaking display device is based on the persistence of human visual persistence. It is a display device that refreshes 16 light-emitting diodes to display information such as output text or pattern by using time-sharing system. The frequency control of the output signal is realized by a single chip microcomputer, and the current shaking state is detected by a shaking sensor.  When shaking, due to the human visual persistence principle, a visual plane will be generated in the shaking area of the light emitting diode, and the diodes in the visual plane will generate images in the shaking area through refreshing at different frequencies, thus achieving the function of conveying information on the visual plane. Visual persistence is widely used in life, such as film production and television broadcasting about 25 pictures per second. It is a phenomenon of visual persistence that makes people's brain feel objects moving in time.


POV, SCM, sensor, LED, MCU