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Research on the Cultivation Mode of College Students' Psychological Quality under the Perspective of Positive Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.029


Wenjuan Hao, Xiaolong He, Guoliang Chen, Yanfeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaolong He


The cultivation of entrepreneurship is the core content of college students' entrepreneurship education, which reflects the connotation of quality education. Its main purpose is to train college students to have entrepreneurial ideals, stimulate entrepreneurial intentions, shape the quality of entrepreneurial psychology, develop awareness of entrepreneurial norms, and make them the pillars of innovative national construction. However, the cultivation of entrepreneurship is not paid enough attention in China's entrepreneurial education. No comprehensive and in-depth research is concerned from the establishment of theoretical system, the design of educational model, the promotion of educational achievements and the creation of cultural environment. From the perspective of positive psychology, this paper is an effective way to improve the psychological quality of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship.


Positive psychology, entrepreneurial quality, training mode